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Barrister Title Services (“BTS”) understands the importance of an accurate and efficient real estate closing process. We are cost-conscious and results-oriented. Therefore, we ensure that our team is highly trained and immersed in all aspects of title and escrow services. We work hard to accommodate you and your client’s closing needs with efficiency, effectiveness and security.

Title, Escrow + Closing Services


Our exceptional customer service is at the very foundation of every successful closing. We’re also conveniently located in central Indiana for closings in our office¬†or able to travel to a location convenient to you and your clients to accommodate busy schedules, when necessary.

  • Mobile Closings
  • Residential Title + Escrow
  • Title Insurance
  • Witness Closings

Clouded Title Services


Clouded title situations can be overwhelming. Our team of licensed agents have immediate access to our in-house affiliated law firm and their real estate attorneys to give you the expertise that’s essential to these cases.

  • Creditor Claims
  • Mistaken Interpretation of Wills + Trusts
  • Deeds Executed Under Defective Powers of Attorney
  • Undisclosed Heir
  • Mistakes in Recording Legal Documents
  • Erroneous Legal Documents
  • Forged Deeds, Mortgages + Releases
  • Federal Gift Tax Liens
  • Errors in Tax Records
  • False Impersonation of True Land Owner
  • Defective Notary Acknowledgements
  • Capacity of Foreign Fiduciaries
  • Municipal Liens
  • Judgement Liens

REO Title Services


There are some things in this world you shouldn’t tackle alone. Our experience in REO can help expedite an otherwise convoluted process. A little foresight can avoid a lot of red tape.

  • Pre-listing Title Searches
  • Full REO Title Commitments
  • Comprehensive Title Curative + Grading Services
  • Lien Monitoring
  • Deed-In-Lieu Services
  • Short Sale Solutions for Timely Closing
  • Subordination Negotiations
  • Second Lien Negotiations
  • Delinquent Tax Resolution
  • Assignment Preparation + Release
  • Process + Product Consistency
  • Customized Work Flow

professional. comprehensive. efficient.

Our Valued Partners

We take just as much pride in our professional partnerships as we do our customer service.

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